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22nd November 2015


The level of cyanide poisoning is getting out of control. The poachers are poisoning water holes in the hope of killing elephants for their tusks but the problem is, many different species of animals drink from the water holes and are poisoned. The tally for the past two months is 103 elephants have been poisoned and one shot. The army has been called in but there is no change. The syndicates are well informed and all National Parks are under threat.

Many different species have been poisoned such as vultures, turtles, sable, eland, giraffe etc. We have recently lost 9 wild dogs to poisoning and the worry is that they may have puppies. If this is the case, the puppies will also die without their mothers to feed them.

In Mongwe, 19 buffalo have been poisoned near a water hole. The authorities have arrested a couple of people in connection with this but the problem is very serious and the lack of rain is making it worse.

We are very disheartened at the way the perpetrators are not thinking about the future generations.

This could take months or even years to solve.

If we could get drones, this might be a solution.

If anyone would like to see photos, let us know.”

Text above by Johnny Rodrigues
Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
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