ZCTF Report

ZCTF  Report

14th October 2015


It is with great regret that we announce that the Zimbabwean authorities have decided not to prosecute Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the lion. According to them, all Palmer’s paper work and documents were in order so he didn’t break any laws. We don’t agree with this at all and we intend to try other avenues to have him prosecuted.


The rate at which elephants are being killed in Zimbabwe is truly disturbing. Last week, 14 were killed – 3 in Matusadona and 11 in Hwange National Park. 16 were found dead in Lupande and 10 in Chakabvi in Nyamatela. Many of these elephants have been poisoned with cyanide. 14 tusks have been recovered but the other tusks were taken by the poachers. The problem with the cyanide poisoning is that other animals are dying as well. 2 vultures were found poisoned after eating the carcass of one of the elephants and an eland was found snared. A packet containing 1 kilogram of cyanide was also found by the authorities. 36 carcasses were found near Sinamatella in Hwange National Park in the Dzivanini area. This totals 76 elephants killed in the past 2 weeks.


A huge elephant with tusks weighing 122 pounds was killed in Gonarezhou by a German hunter. We suspect this elephant may have come from Kruger Park. His tusks were so big that they dragged along the ground when he was walking.

The most disappointing thing is that when a local Zimbabwean kills an animal for food for his family, he is sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison but when a wealthy foreign hunter comes in and shoots an animal, he gets away with it.

What message are we giving the people?

Text above by Johnny Rodrigues
Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
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