ZCTF Report Update

1st Sept 2016

“ZIMBABWE SITUATION UPDATE: From February this year, the Zimbabwean Authorities and the Chinese officials have been capturing animals for export to China. We are aware of 8 lions, giraffe, hyenas, various species of antelope, baboons and vervet monkeys that have already been captured. It has also been reported to us that there are 130 baby elephants and 50 lions on order to be captured for Chimelong Safari Park, in China.

Our investigators have furnished us with photographic evidence of some of the captured animals that the capture unit have beheaded, in the Hwange area, to be mounted and sold as trophies. The monkeys are being skinned and apparently being fed to the capture team too. On our local television station ZTV, they stated recently that they are in the process of capturing elephants under the age of 6 years old to be “relocated” to Chisarira, near Binga. We find this statement very disturbing and suspicious as we feel, if it was a legitimate exercise, why don?t they relocate the entire elephant family instead of ripping the babies from their Mother?s knowing full well what a detrimental effect this practice has on splitting up elephant families has.

Cages have been refurbished and repainted in the Mtshipi capture area and lined up next to the bomas. We believe that these cages will be used for the capture of the elephants for export and not relocation as they have indicated. In April this year, 10 armed elephant poachers were found in the Hwange area. Five of the poachers were killed by a pride of lions, 2 managed to escape and the remaining 3 were left seriously injured. In the lower Zambezi area, the poaching of elephants is out of control and the authorities are not containing the problem.

To end off this report, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and to those of you that continue to support us by way of donations and just by being there for us.

Without your valued support and assistance the ZCTF would never have been able to keep you all up to date with the situation in Zimbabwe. We are also looking for a good second hand 4×4 to assist with carrying out the investigations and follow ups.

Our investigators usually travel thousands of kilometres to get the latest information that we share with you.

However, we are finding ourselves in a position whereby the funding has decreased quite substantially and we are struggling to pay our undercover investigators, pay transport, accommodation and the general day to day running of the ZCTF.

I fear that if we don´t get some assistance soon we may have to discontinue the work of the ZCTF due to lack of funds.”

Text above by Johnny Rodrigues
Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
Landline: 263 4 339065
Mobile: 263 712 603 213
Email: galorand@mweb.co.zw
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Website: www.zctfofficialsite.org.

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force relies solely on public donations.
Your donation can help to preserve the wildlife in Zimbabwe.
If you would like to assist, please contact us.
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